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Ayteke Bi village in Kyzylorda region, Kazakhstan.

Visiting and excursion Ayteke Bi village.

Ayteke-Bi (until 1996 - Novokazalinsk) is a village in the Kazalinsky district of the Kyzylorda region of Kazakhstan. The administrative center and the only settlement of the village administration of Aiteke bi. Located 12 km north of the city of Kazalinsk. The Samara-Tashkent highway runs along the northern outskirts of the village.
The railway station Kazalinsk is located in the village on the Orenburg-Tashkent railway (Kandyagash-Arys section), the construction of which (in 1903) was associated with the emergence of this settlement.
There are railway transport enterprises, a creamery, fish and brick factories in the village, in total 22 enterprises.

Population Ayteke Bi village.

In 1999, the population of the village was 33,441 people (16582 men and 16859 women). According to the 2009 census, 38046 people lived in the village (18598 men and 19448 women).
At the beginning of 2019, the population of the village amounted to 43155 people (21556 men and 21599 women).

Famous natives Ayteke Bi village.

Vladimir Mikhailovich Schastnov - Hero of the Soviet Union, a native of the station Kazalinsk.
Roza Tazhibaevna Baglanova - People's Artist of the USSR, People's Hero of Kazakhstan.