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Cheremshanka village in East kazakhstan region.

Transfer and tour from Ridder to Cheremshanka.

Cheremshanka is a village in the Glubokovsky district of the East Kazakhstan region of Kazakhstan. The administrative center of the Cheremshansky rural district. Located about 52 km east of the district center, the village of Glubokoe. The KATO code is 634069100.

Information Cheremshanka.

In 1999, the population of the village was 3933 people (1981 men and 1952 women). According to the 2009 census, 3300 people lived in the village (1629 men and 1671 women).

Geography Cheremshanka.

The village is located 41 km west of the city of Ridder (formerly Leninogorsk) and 86 km northeast of Ust-Kamenogorsk. The Cheremshanka River flows through the village - the right tributary of the Ulba River (the right tributary of the Irtysh).

History Cheremshanka.

It was founded in 1799 in the Ridder volost of the Zmeinogorsky district by the Old Believers “Poles”.

Infrastructure Cheremshanka.

In the village is the Cheremshan poultry farm, railway station Cheremshanka. A branch of the A10 highway passes through the village.