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Tuzkol mountain lake in Raimbek district of Almaty region, Kazakhstan.

Jeep Tour to Tuzkol lake.

Tuzkol lake is a very beautiful mountain lake, located on the territory of Kazakhstan, not far from the Charyn River, Raimbek district, southeast of Almaty region. Water enters the lake due to groundwater and rainfall.

Tourist information - Tuzkol lake.

Lake Tuzkol is located at an altitude of 1959 meters above sea level, to the nearest settlement of Kegen 70 kilometers is the road that leads to Narynkol. If you decide to go, do not forget to turn 40 kilometers beyond the village of Saryzhaz and further to the village of Karasaz. The lake is located 4 kilometers from the Zhabartau mountain range and 12 kilometers east of the village of Karasaz.

How to visit Tuzkol lake.

When clear weather prevails on Lake Tuzkol, mountains and peaks of the Tien Shan and Khan Tengri peak (7010 m.) And Victory peak (7439 m.) Are visible from it.