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Tuzkol is a mountain lake in the Raimbek district

Therapeutic mud of Ulytau district on Lake Tuzkol -

Mud healing spring Agatai on Lake Tuzkol -

Tuzkol is a salty, very beautiful lake, located at an altitude of 1959 meters above sea level. Khan Tengri Peak (7010 m.) and Pobedy Peak (7439 m.) can be seen from the lake in clear weather, it is also especially beautiful on the lake during sunrise and during sunset, at this time you can take the most beautiful photos here. On the lake you can observe the life of nomads, herds of horses, herds of sheep and cows graze here.

How to get there, visit -

Tuzkol Lake is located in the Almaty region, Raimbek district, 70 kilometers from the village of Kegen, Zhabyrtau mountains. The lake is located 4 kilometers from the Jabartau mountain range and 12 kilometers east of the village of Karasaz.
GPS coordinates: N48°35'31" E66°30'23"

Information -

Lake Tuzkol is filled with groundwater and precipitation in the form of rain, as well as the lake is filled with water from snowmelt after winter. The lake is very salty, as salty as the Dead Sea in Israel and the Great Salt Lake in the USA. There is a mud healing spring Agatau on the lake, if desired, you can take mud baths here. The water in the lake is cold, but if desired, you can swim in the lake in July and August. There is no infrastructure for recreation on the lake, I am traveling to the lake be prepared for full autonomy, you need to take with you all the necessary equipment for overnight accommodation, tents, sleeping bags, etc., it is also better to go here by 4x4 jeeps, since there are no paved roads here.

Tuzkol Lake in Almaty region


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