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Zhaman Uy tract, trip to Assy plateau after Turgen gorge, Kazakhstan.

Jeep tour to Zhaman Uy tract - nature of the Assy plateau.

The Zhaman Uy tract amazes with its beauty and uniqueness. The place Zhaman Uy is located at an altitude of 1706 meters above sea level. The tract is located behind the Assy board in the Zailiyskiy Alatau. The Bokaydyk tau ridge is located near the Zhaman Uy tract at an altitude of 3010 meters above sea level. Mount Zhombas and the Sary Tau ridge close the Zhaman Uy tract from the southern side.

How to get to the Zhaman Uy tract after the Assy plateau.

The Zhaman uy tract is located in the Almaty region, on the territory of Kazakhstan. Above the Turgen gorge and after the Assy plateau along the mountain road towards the Bartogai reservoir.

Zhaman Uy tract - information for tourists.

The Zhaman Uy tract is an unusual red clay outcrops made of clay and sand. Also in the tract Zhaman Uy you can see rock paintings, rock carvings are located along the Assy river. You can get to the Zhaman Uy tract through the Turgen gorge by passing the Assy plateau behind the forester's house. If we go further along the road, we will get to the Bortogai reservoir to which we will have to drive 20 kilometers.

Zhaman Uy tract.