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Kurtinskoe reservoir on Kurty river

Excursion to the Kurtinskoe reservoir (Kurty)

The Kurty reservoir and the Kurty river are located in the Kurty district, Almaty region. The reservoir is artificial and created for irrigation and watering of land spaces. The Kurta reservoir belongs to the Ili river basin. The most beautiful Regel tulip blooms on the reservoir in spring, at this time, if you are here, you can observe the flowering of this flower. Also, in the area of ​​​​the reservoir, poppy blossoms in huge fields along the road to the Kurtinsky reservoir.

Kurtinskoe reservoir - information for tourists

The name Kurty is translated from Mongolian as "valley with cliffs". The reservoir was built and put into operation in 1967 on the Kurty River. The Kurty River is a local landmark and serves as a place for visiting locals in the summer, when it gets hot, you can swim here. Rock paintings, petroglyphs of the Bronze and Iron Ages were found on the Kurtinsky reservoir, and the remains of ancient Mesozoic reptiles were also found on the reservoir.

Kurtinskoe reservoir - how to get there

The reservoir is easily accessible from the city of Almaty, the distance is 90 kilometers, the travel time is 1-1.5 hours. The area of ​​the Kurtinsky reservoir is 9 square kilometers, the length is 25 kilometers, the width is 0.3 kilometers, the depth is 15 meters, the maximum depth is 40 meters, the length of the coastline is 65 kilometers.

Kurtinskoe reservoir


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