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Kurtinskoe reservoir on Kurty river, Almaty region, Kazakhstan.

Excursion to Kurtinskoe reservoir (Kurti).

The Kurtinsky reservoir and the Kurti river are located in the Kurtinsky district, Almaty region. The reservoir is artificial and created for irrigation and flooding of land. Kurtinskoe reservoir belongs to the basin of the Ili River.

Kurti reservoir - information for tourist.

The reservoir was built and commissioned in 1967 on the Kurt River. The Kurty River is a local attraction and serves to visit local residents in the summer when it gets hot.

How to visit Kurtinskoe reservoir.

The reservoir is easily accessible from the city of Almaty, the distance is 90 kilometers, the travel time is 1-1.5 hours.
The Kurtinsky reservoir area is 9 square kilometers, length 25 kilometers, width 0.3 kilometers, depth 15 meters, maximum depth 40 meters, the length of the coastline 65 kilometers.

Kurtinskoe reservoir.