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Berkara gorge and nature park in Jambyl region, Kazakhstan.

Tulips tour to Berkara gorge.

The Berkara Gorge and the Berkara Reserve or reserve are located in the mountains of Karatau, Zhambyl region in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The Berkara Reserve was founded in 1971 in the Zhualynsky district in order to preserve endangered species of plants and animals.

How to visit Berkara gorge.

1,500 species of plants grow in nature reserves, of which 140 are endemic species that grow only in this region. Berkarinsky poplar grows here, which is no longer found anywhere in the world. Of the endemic species, Sogdian Ash-tree (iron tree) also grows here. Rare plants such as Greig and Kaufmann tulips grow in the meadows. Tulips here do not bloom for a long time and delight in their beauty and different colors. Also, 90 species of birds live here, 25 of which are listed in the Red Book as an endangered species.

Flora and fauna of Berkara gorge.

Porcupines, argali, golden eagles, storks, eagle owls are found here. Berkara Gorge is a specially protected area belonging to Aksu Dzhabaglinsky National Nature Reserve.