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Berkara Gorge

Observing the flowering of tulips in the Berkara gorge

Botanical tours in the Berkara Gorge

Berkara is a beautiful mountain gorge, located in the Karatau Mountains, in the foothills of the Western Tien Shan. The Berkarinsky Nature Reserve, to which the gorge belongs, was founded in 1971 to preserve endangered species of plants and animals. A mountain trail leads up the gorge, along which you can climb to the upper reaches of the Berkara Gorge. The gorge is famous for the fact that wild Greig tulips, Kaufman tulips, Berkarinsky tulip grow in it. Especially beautiful in the gorge in spring and summer, the height at which the gorge is located varies from 500 meters to 1600 meters above sea level.

How to get there, visit

Berkara Gorge is located in Zhambyl region in Kazakhstan, Karatau mountains. The distance from the city of Taraz to the Berkara Gorge is 80 kilometers. The main landmark here is the village of Maitobe.
GPS coordinates: 42°55'12"N 70°38'10"E


More than 50 species of rare plant species that are listed in the Red Book of Kazakhstan grow in the Berkara Gorge. Also in the lower reaches of the gorge there are ancient mounds that belong to the Saka period. The nature of the Berkara gorge is incredible, it is very beautiful here, a small picturesque river flows through the gorge, which is also called Berkara. A tourist route runs along the river up the gorge, along which you can climb to the upper reaches of the gorge. Also in the gorge there are guest houses and recreation areas where you can rent a house or a separate guest room for relaxation and pastime. Also in the gorge there is a tourist complex Tau-Samal, the complex also provides places for accommodation and recreation.

Berkara Gorge (Berikkara) Talas district


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