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Muyunkum Desert in Jambyl region, Kazakhstan.

Adventure tour to Muyunkum desert from Almaty.

Muyunkum is a sandy desert in southern Kazakhstan, in the territory of the Zhambyl and South Kazakhstan regions. The length from southeast to northwest is 500 km. Area 37 500 km ². Altitude up to 700 m above sea level. From the north and east, the desert is bounded by the Chu River valley, from the south - by the Karatau and Kyrgyz Alatau ranges.

Muyunkum desert tourist information.

Muyunkum lies in the area of tectonic deflection of the Paleozoic basement. It is composed of twisted marine sediments and alluvium of the Chu River Delta. The landscapes of overgrown and semi-overgrown deeply dissected sands prevail. The northern part of the desert is a ridge-hilly plain with a width of 15 - 30 km. The central part is high sand ridges (50-70 meters). In the inter-ridge depressions, groundwater, often reaching the surface and forming lakes, lies close to the surface.

Climate Muyunkum desert.

The climate in the desert is continental. Average temperatures: January in the west −11.2 ° C, in the east from −2 to −7.5 ° C; July 25.6-26.9 ° C. The average annual rainfall is from 150 to 330 mm.

Information Muyunkum desert.

Sand-desert gray-earth and gray-brown soils prevail. On the slopes of the dunes grow saxaul, astragalus; in the depressions - zhuzgun, wormwood. Wild boars, hares, gophers, jerboas live.
The desert is used in animal husbandry as a winter pasture. On the territory of Muyunkum , the Umbet hunting enterprise and the Andasai state reserve are organized.


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