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Akkol lake in Jambyl region, Kazakhstan.

Tour to Akkol lake in Jambyl region.

Akkol (white lake), located in the south of Kazakhstan in the jambyl region, Talas district. The height at which Akkol Lake is located is 400 meters above sea level. Three kilometers from the lake is the village of Akkol, which we pass on the way to the lake.

Tulips tour to Akkol lake.

Tulips grow on Lake Akkol for a certain period, which you can look at and see how beautiful and attractive they are. You can come here on a photo tour specifically to see tulips. The area of the lake is 40 kilometers, the depth is 5 meters. The lake is surrounded by small hills of Kyzylkia and Bugultau, and so there is Mount Kyzylkosy 500 meters high above sea level. The mountain offers wonderful views of the surroundings. Also here is the mountain Zhalsarykara.

How to visit Akkol lake in Jambyl region

The source of water in the lake is the Assa River, which flows into the lake, as the lake is saturated with rainwater and meltwater in the spring. Assa River flows from the higher lake Bugulkol which is located east of the lake itself. On Lake Akkol, you can sit down for rest and fishing, in the lake there are such fish as roach, crucian carp, common carp, pike perch and bream.

Lake Akkol freezes for the winter in late December, and here you can arrange ice fishing.


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