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Ashikol lake in Jambyl region, Kazakhstan.

Tour to Ashikol lake in Jambyl region.

Lake Ashikol is a salt-free drainage lake located in the Zhambyl region, southern Kazakhstan, Talas district. Lake Aschikol is located 15 kilometers from the village of Akkol, northwest direction. The height of the place where the lake is located is 400 meters above sea level. The lake is not very large, its length is 6 kilometers, width 500 meters.

Information Ashikol lake.

Lake Tuzkol is located 5 kilometers from Lake Ashikol, it is possible to visit both lakes in one day and make an unforgettable trip to the Zhambyl region. These two lakes will also connect with their waters during heavy rains and snowmelt. Lake Ashikol freezes for the winter, the lake is fed by spring thawing and groundwater. Lake Aschikol during drying is covered with salt crystals.


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