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Kuljabasi mountains in Jambyl region, Kazakhstan.

Tour to Kuljabasi mountains from Taraz city.

The Kuljabasy Mountains and the Kuljabasy Ridge are part of the Chilean Mountains. The height of the Kulzhabasy mountains range from 700 to 1200 meters above sea level. In antiquity, approximately in the XVIII - XIX centuries, ancient settlements existed here, as evidenced by the traces of ancient fields, dams and barriers. Dams were located in streams and rivers, which were previously full-flowing.

Kuljabasi mountains tourist information.

In the Kulzhabasy mountains, the Kopa River Valley is located. When there was a lot of water in the area, the population was engaged in agriculture here. In ancient times, there was a lot of vegetation and places were livable than now. Also in the Kulzhabasy mountains is located Kumburul dune, a very interesting place in the sand mountain in which the quarry is located.

Kuljabasi petroglyphs and rock carving.

In the gorges of the Kulzhabasy mountains, still in places where there are springs, small vegetation, groves and willows grow. Also in this place are the famous Kulzhabasy petroglyphs and the remains of ancient settlements of several eras, which indicate that in the past this area was densely populated.


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