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Kyrgyz Alatau in Jambyl region, Kazakhstan.

Climbing to Alamedin peak.

The Kyrgyz Range or Kyrgyz Alatau is a mountain range that borders Chui Valley and the Moyynkum desert from the south.

Kyrgyz Alatau description

The Kyrgyz Range is one of the mountain ranges of the internal Tien Shan in the territory of Kyrgyzstan, partly in the territory of neighboring Kazakhstan. The ridge was mapped by Russian researchers in the middle of the 19th century and was named the Alexander ridge in honor of the Russian emperor Alexander II. In 1933, by decree of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee, the Alexandrovsky Range was renamed the Kyrgyz Range.

How to visit Kyrgyz Alatau.

The length of the ridge is 375 km. It stretches from east to west from the Boom Gorge to the city of Taraz. The highest altitude is 4875 m (peak Western Alamedin).
It is composed mainly of sedimentary and metamorphic rocks, porphyrites, granites. The northern slope is more gentle and longer than the southern. On the slopes to a height of 2500 m - steppes, forests (spruce, juniper), above - subalpine and alpine meadows. From a height of 3700 m - snowfields and glaciers (total area of glaciation 223 km²).


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