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Aksu river in Almaty region, Kazakhstan.

Rafting on Aksu river in Kazakhstan.

Aksu (river flows into Balkhash). Aksu is a small shallow river in the northern part of the Almaty region of the Aksu district of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The length is about 316 km, the basin area is about 5040 km². Translated from the Kazakh language, the name of the river means "white water".

Food is glacial, snow, rain and underground. It originates in the glaciers of the Dzungarian Alatau at an altitude of 3700-3800 meters above sea level, then flows to the northeast. When leaving the mountains, it takes on a flat character, flows through the sands of Zhalkum and Lyukkum to the Balkhash-Alakol basin, without receiving tributaries, but branching into sleeves lost in the sands, around which green ribbons of oases lie.

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Further, the river waters are disassembled for irrigation of fields and households. needs. However, 20 km downstream, Aksu takes its main tributary - Sarkand and is again filled. It flows into the Kukan Bay of Lake Balkhash. Nearby, the Lepsy River also flows into the lake. The Aksu Delta is swampy. High water is observed from April to August, the maximum flow occurs in May - June. The average annual water flow at the district center of the Aksu district of the Almaty region, the village of Zhansugurov, is about 11.2 m³ / s.

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Aksu waters are characterized by a high content of bicarbonates and high sodium-calcium mineralization with a concentration of about 450 mg / l. In the basin, which often changes the riverbed, there are many small old lakes, flood reservoirs, as well as hydroelectric power stations and reservoirs with a total area of 33.1 km² that regulate river flow. Floods are often spontaneous and quite destructive. The breakthrough of the dam in Kyzylagash in the neighboring Bien river basin, which occurred on March 12, 2010, claimed the lives of 43 people.

In the river delta there is a large lake. Kalgankol with an area of about 8.6 km². In the middle reaches of the river is the Matai railway station.

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