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Arys river in Jambyl region, Kazakhstan.

How to see Arys river in Jambyl region.

Arys is a river in the south of Kazakhstan, the right tributary of the Syr Darya. The length of the river is 378 km, the basin area is 14,900 km². It flows through the territory of Turkestan and Zhambyl regions.

Hydrography Arys river.

It originates from the Aksu-Dzhabaglinsky reserve from springs on the Talas Alatau ridge, the right tributaries (Boraldai) flow from the Karatau ridge. It flows into the Syr Darya near the village of Talapta. The character in the upper reaches is mountainous, in the lower reaches it is replaced by a plain one. Refers to rivers of snow and rain nutrition. The average water consumption in the city of Arys is 46.6 m³ / s. The largest flow in April, the smallest - in August.

Rafting Arys river.

It is used for irrigation, in the lower reaches for rice checks, so a small part reaches the Syr Darya. Water intake is carried out by 37 canals, the largest of which is the Arys-Turkestan canal.
The largest tributaries are Mashat, Aksu, Sairamsu, Boraldai, Badam, in the valleys of which there are numerous sanatoriums and rest houses, confined to the sources of mineral waters.
In the lower reaches, the width of the channel is 40–50 m, and floodplains are 1.5–2 km. Fresh water, mineralization from 200-400 (in the upper reaches) to 400-500 mg / l (at the mouth). There are 11 reservoirs and ponds, 3 hydroelectric power stations in the Arys basin.

Economic activity Arys river.

The Arys Valley has been inhabited by man since ancient times, the northern branch of the Great Silk Road passed through it. There are numerous medieval settlements, of which the most significant is Otrar, located at the confluence of Arys in the Syr Darya.

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