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Asa river in kambyl region, Kazakhstan.

Information about Asa river in Kazakhstan.

Asa - a river flowing through the Talas, Sarysu and Zhambyl districts of the Zhambyl region, the left branch of Talas. Length 253 km, catchment area 6670 km.

The beginning of the Asa River.

The Asa River originates from the confluence of the Teris and Kurkireu rivers, originating on the southeastern slope of Asa Karatau.

Hydrology Asa River.

The channel is narrow in the headwaters, steep, and in the middle reaches the lakes Bilykol and Akkol. After a few kilometers, the river sinks into the sand at the confluence with the Talas River. The average annual flow rate is 10.4 m³ / s. Water freezes in early December, and ice melts in late February. Asa River is important for the irrigation of beet plantations, orchards and crops.
It has about 30 small branches. On the territory of Zhuala, the area is called the Asa River after the confluence of the rivers Shakpak, Teris, Aksai, Koksai, Kurkireusu. Asa passes through a mountain valley, especially at the confluence with the Kurkireusu river, the course becomes very fast and stormy.
Near the Karatobesky rural district, it is called Airma and is divided into Big Asa and Small Asa. Near the Orneksky rural district, it merged into one channel and began to be called Kuygan. Near the village of Bilikol it is divided into nine chapters and is called "Togyztarau". In addition, the Energy Channel is separated from it. In the Zhambyl region, the Asa River flows east of the village of Akkol.

History of the name Asa river.

According to Herodotus, Asa, the largest Saka tribe inhabiting the Kazakh steppes, is associated with the name "assax". The Assyrians were limited in the west by Small Karatau, in the east by the rivers Talas, Shu, Ili, Tarbagatay and Altai, and their main homeland was Semirechye. The historian U. Shalekenov writes that Asylar found the settlements of Tuyuk, Zhaysan, Shatyrkul. Margulan Asilar opened many cultural monuments in Saryark. “Assaki, that is, the Asa tribe, were one of the homelands of the Great Zhuz, founded in the 5-6 centuries BC, and were part of the state of Uysyn. These were warriors of different tribes, "wrote Yu. Zuev.
In short, the history of the Asa River is undoubtedly named after the Sak tribe that inhabited the region. Today, the center of Zhambyl district, the railway station, a number of settlements are named after this tribe of Saks.

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