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Ashiagar riverin Karakiy district, Mangistau region.

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Ashiagar is a river in the Karakiy district of the Mangistau region. The length is about 45 km.

Start river Ashiagar.

It starts from the southern slopes of the Mangistau mountains and flows from the north-west to the east of the depression (depression) of Karakiya. In the summer it partially dries up.

Hydrology Aschiagar River.

The length of the river is 45 km, the reservoir area is 15 thousand square kilometers. Ashyagar originates in the southern foothills of the Karatau ridge and is located in the western part of the Karaky depression in the Batyr litter. The width of the river bed is 10-50 m, the height of the coast is 1-4 m.

Information river Ashiagar.

The water is fresh. The river is mostly filled with melting snow and precipitation in the form of rain. The water flow rate is about 5 m³ / s. In April, the water level is 4-5 m above the average. There is a risk of flooding in the area. The river freezes in mid-December (ice thickness reaches 0.5 m by the end of winter) and reopens in early March.

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