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Ayat river in Kostanay region, Kazakhstan.

Information about Ayat river in Kazakhstan and Russia.

Ayat (Tobol tributary) is a river in Russia and Kazakhstan, flows in the Chelyabinsk region of Russia and the Kostanay region of Kazakhstan. Ayat is formed by the confluence of the Karataly-Ayat and Archagly-Ayat rivers. The river flows into the Tobol River in the area of the Karatomarsky reservoir. The length of the river is 117 km, its catchment area is 13,300 km².

Hydrology Ayat river.

A significant part of the basin is formed by 383 closed lakes (total area of 208 km².). The part of the river located in the Chelyabinsk region has a length of 23 km and a catchment area of 8571 km².
Soil of the basin is mainly sandy and loamy, occasionally solonetzes. A slightly sinuous stretch of riverbed is located in a well-defined river valley.
In winter, the river often freezes to the bottom. At the Varvarinka hydrological post, freezing was observed 5 times in 43 years.

Settlements on river Ayat.

• Nikolaevka
• Varvarinka
• Kyzylzhar
• Asencriting
• Aktobe
• Nikolaev
• Orenburg
• Crane
• Taranovsky
• Krasnoselskoe
• Ayat
• Prirechenskoye
• May
• Voronezh
• Embankment
• Embankment
• D.O. Gornyak

In art about Ayat river.

• “Tobol and Ayat” - a poem by Yevtushenko.

Water registry data Ayat river.

According to the state water register of Russia, it belongs to the Irtysh basin district, the water sector of the river is Tobol from the source to the confluence of the Uy river, without the Uvelka river, the river sub-basin of the river is Tobol. The river basin of the river is Irtysh.

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