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Boraldai river in Ordabasy district

Rafting Boraldai river in Kazakhstan.

Boraldai river is the right tributary of the Arys river.

Geographical position Boraldai river.

It flows through the Baidibek and Ordabasy districts of Turkestan. Length 130 km, catchment area 1760 km2.

Start of Boraldai river.

It begins at the mountains Akshoki, Arkarly, Boraldai in Karatau and flows into the Arys river near the village of Shubar, Ordabasy district.

Hydrology Boraldai river.

The upper course passes through a mountain gorge; wild fruit trees (apple trees, hawthorn, wild grapes, etc.) predominate in the valley. At the confluence with the Arys river, the valley expands and reaches a width of 1-4 km. It is replenished with snow, rain and groundwater. The average annual water flow in the area of the village of Boraldai is 10.5 m3 / s. The water is fresh. The content of mineral substances is 0.2-0.4 g / l. Locals use Boraldai water for irrigation, gardening and drinking. More than 10 irrigation canals were built right by the river.

Boraldai river secret of name.

Options associated with the name Boraldai:
• Boraldai - means “muddy water” in the Kalmyk language. The crust is washed out by mountain water.
• Boraldai - in Kalmyk language the word “buurulda” means wormwood (plant). Thus, “Boraldai” means “a place where wormwood grows a lot,” and in Tuvan (belonging to the Turkic group) the word “boraldyr” means “violet”, in Turkish the word “burulday” means “violet bird”.

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