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Bugun river in Turkestan region, Kazakhstan.

How to see Bugun river in Kazakhstan.

Bugun is a river in the Syr Darya basin.

Geographical position Bugun river.

It flows through the territory of the Baidibek district of Turkestan region.

Beginning of the Bugun River.

It is called Bugun after the confluence of the Cattabogen (Bolshoy Bogen) and Balabogen rivers, originating on the slopes of Karatau.

Hydrology Bugun River.

Length 164 km, area 4680 km2. Main tributaries: the Shayan, Sasyk rivers. The pool is steep, the slope is flat. Range of 300-600 m. The beetle is tolerated in early spring. It is replenished with snow, rain and groundwater. The long-term average discharge at Kyzylkopir station is 4.36 m3 / s. In the lower reaches the Bugun dam was built, from which the Arys-Turkestan Canal was built. Farms of the Baidibek, Ordabasy and Otyrara districts use it for irrigation, livestock breeding and drinking water supply. A dam is a reservoir commonly created by dams and dams on rivers.

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