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Ilek river (tributary of Ural river) in Aktobe region, Kazakhstan.

Travel to Ilek river in Aktobe region, Kazakhstan.

Ilek is a river in the Aktobe region of Kazakhstan and the Orenburg region of Russia, the largest left-bank tributary of the Urals. The average water flow rate is 21 m³ / s.

Hydrology Ilek river.

Its origins are located on the northwestern slopes of Mugodzhar (Bestobe Range). Length - 623 km, together with tributaries 699 km, basin area 41.3 thousand km². The annual flow rate is 1569 m³. Ilek has a wide, well-designed valley with two floodplain terraces. A channel with steep banks, with a width in the upper reaches of 20-30 m, in the middle course (near Aktyubinsk) 150-170 m; the width of the river valley in the upper reaches is 500 m, at the mouth 3-4 km. The floodplain of Ilek is replete with numerous channels and old lakes.

Snow and groundwater nutrition. Most of the annual runoff occurs in the spring. It has 75 tributaries; of which are large: Hobda, Koktobe, Tabantal, Kargaly, Sazdy. Other significant tributaries in Russia: Vetlyanka, Bolshaya Peschanka, Karabutak. It freezes in November - April.

Geography Ilek river.

The cities of Kandyagash, Alga, Aktobe, Sol-Iletsk are located on Ilek. In the lower reaches of the river runs the state border. At the confluence with the Urals, the village of Ilek (the former Iletsk town). On the left bank of the Ilek river are the burial mounds of the Tanabergen burial ground of the II Sintashta culture of the Bronze Age.
Catfish, carp, perch, pike, etc. are found in Ilek. It is used for water supply to industrial enterprises, irrigation of agricultural land.

Etymology Ilek river.

There are several versions regarding the name. The most evidence-based comparison with the Bashkir Ilek, Tatar Ilyk, Kyrgyz and Chagatai spruce - “roe deer”. In Bashkiria there are toponyms Ilek ("Roe deer"), Ilektau ("Mount Roe").

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