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Ili river in Kazakhsatn republic and China.

Travel to Ili river in Almaty region, Kazakhstan.

The Ili River is a long river in Central Asia, the main tributary of Lake Balkhash, flowing through the northwestern part of the PRC and Kazakhstan. Its length is 1439 km, and in Kazakhstan - 81 km, and the runoff of a large basin is 140,000 km². Its waters are used for human use, and this significantly reduced its flow.

River Ili geography.

The Ili River originates in China, in the Kazakh autonomous prefecture of Ili, in Xinjiang, from the confluence of its two sources, the Tekes and Kunges (or Kunes) rivers, which originate on the eastern slopes of the Tien Shan mountain range. The river flows westward to the entrance to Kazakhstan and after turning to the northwest, flows into Lake Baljash, in the province of Almaty, forming a large river delta, covering an area of approximately 1800 km², extensive tracts of wetlands, lakes, marshes and shrubbery.
Its main tributaries, in addition to sources, are the Kakhs and Charyn (or Sharyn) rivers (427 km), known for their canyon Charyn.

River Ili in China.

The upper part of the Ili valley is separated from the Dzungaria basin in the north by the Bororohor mountains and from the Tarima basin in the south by the main chain of the Tien Shan ridge. This region was a stronghold of the Qing dynasty in the Xinjiang administration in the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries; It was occupied by Russia from 1871 to 1881, that is, from the uprising in Yakub-Be to the St. Petersburg Treaty.
The region is currently part of the Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture of Ili, Xinjiang District. The main city in the region, Inin (Kulia), is located on the north side of the river, about 100 km upstream of the international border. Until 1900, the city was widely known by the same name as the river (伊犁, pinyin: Yili; Wade-Giles: Ili).) On the south side, even closer to the international border, is the autonomous county of Xibe de Qapqal, which is home for many Xibe who were resettled in this border region in the 18th century as part of the Manchu garrison.

Ili River in Kazakhstan.

The Kazakhstan region, drained by Ili and its tributaries, is known in Kazakhstan as Zhetysu ("Seven Rivers"), and in Russian - Semirechye (which means the same thing).
The Kapchagai Hydroelectric Power Station was built between 1965 and 19701 near Kapchagay in the middle reaches of the Ili River, forming the Kapchagai Reservoir, a large artificial lake 110 km long, located north of the city of Almaty.
Tamgaly-Tas, about 20 km downstream of the Ili River, is the place where petroglyphs appeared. The name Tamgaly in Kazakh means "painted" or "marked place", and Tas - "stone".

River Ili history.

The Ili River gave its name to the Ili River Agreement of 638 AD, which formalized the division of the Western Turkish Kaganate (552-638 AD) into Nushibi and Tou Low, and established that the Ili River would be the border between two states.

Ili river


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