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Ishim river in Akmola region, Kazakhstan.

Rafting Ishim river

Kazakhstan is one of the largest countries in the world, which has no open access to either the sea or the ocean. Of course, in the west of Kazakhstan there is a region of the Caspian Sea that definitely brings biodiversity to the country's environment. Nevertheless, the capital of Kazakhstan, Astana, is a city located in the steppe, if we consider it in terms of climate and geography. In this context, the Ishim River is the only significant water resource in Astana, and local residents are unusually fond of this river. Ishim flows through almost the entire city and divides it into the left (new) and right (old) banks. If during the summer season the Ishim River is a great place for fishing, boating, or just walking along the promenade and doing sports in the fresh air, then in winter it turns into a completely different playground for entertainment.

Information Ishim river.

Winter in Astana can often be very cold with fluctuations in air temperature from -5 ° C to -35 ° C. Ishim freezes and turns into a good place for winter sports, such as ice skating, skiing and roller coaster. This is especially true in the midst of the New Year, the Catholic and Orthodox Christmas holidays. This winter was no exception. So, in 2019, the metropolitan administration launched a new format of entertainment for residents and guests of Astana called #AstanaWinterLand, which includes 12 thematic sites, 32 ice rinks, 36 ice slides and more than 400 events. Moreover, on January 16, 2019, residents of Astana celebrated International Snow Day in the local Botanical Garden, where skiing competitions were organized. More than 200 young skiers under the age of 18 usually take part in the competition dedicated to the International Snow Day, which has been annually celebrated in Astana since 2013.

How to see Ishim river.

Also, on the night of January 18-19, 2019, residents of Astana celebrated the Epiphany by bathing in the icy water of the Ishim River from the Central Park. Despite the fact that Baptism is a religious holiday, it is very popular among people of different cultures, ages and religions living in Astana. Such a ritual, when people quickly plunge into very cold water and experience unusual feelings, such as an adrenaline rush in the body, is also a good method for raising the mood and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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