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Tobol river in Kazakhstan and Russia.

Travel to rivers of Kazakhstan - Tobol river.

Tobol is a river in the Irtysh basin.

Geographical location Tobol River.

It flows through the Kostanay region of Kazakhstan and the Korgan and Tyumen regions of Russia.

The beginning of the Tobol River.

Tobol begins with Karaadyr, one of the eastern massifs of the Southern Urals, and flows into the Irtysh.

Tobol River in Kazakhstan.

The length of the territory of Kazakhstan is 800 km, the catchment area is 426 thousand km2, the basin of Kazakhstan is 130 thousand km2. The main branches are Shortandy, Syntasty, Ayet, Ui, Obagan (most of them flow on the left). In the river basin are Zhaksy Alakol, Zhaman Alakol, Kulikol, Tenteksor, Tomarlykol, Tengiz and others. There are lakes.

Hydrology Tobol River.

At the beginning, it passes through the Turgai Valley. At the moment, the riverbed is rocky and there are many reflections in the valley. The valley is very wide, from 2 to 30 km. It is mostly filled with snow (60%) and rainwater. 82.5% of the annual flow falls in the spring, 13.5% in the summer in the fall, 4.0% in the winter; The highest level occurs in April-June. The average annual water consumption in the Kazakhstani part is 26.2 m3 / s, the average turbidity is 300 g / m3, the mineral content is 500-600 mg / l, and in the steppe region it is 2000 mg / l. The water is chlorinated. The river freezes from November to April; The thickness of the ice is 70-78 cm. The average summer water temperature is 19-20 ° C, sometimes in July it warms up to 28.2 ° C.

Nature Tobol River.

Pine forest grows on a wide river floodplain. There is fish in the river. As a result of the development of virgin and fallow lands, this region has become a large grain region with a developed agricultural sector. In the bowels, reserves of iron ore and coal asbestos were discovered. Sokolovo-Sarybaisk mining and processing plant, Zhitikarinsky asbestos, Lisakovsky mining and processing plants, etc., which are the largest industrial enterprises in the country, are located in the valley. , For the effective use of Tobol water, the Verkhnyaya Tobol Dam, the Karatomar Dam, Amangeldy, Zhelkuar, Kyzylzhar were built. The cities of Zhitikar, Lisakovsk, Rudny and Kostanay are located along the river.