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Torgay river in Kostanay and Aktobe regions, Kazakhstan.

Travel to Torgay river.

Turgay is a river in the Shalkarteniz basin. Length - 825 km. The catchment area is 157 thousand km2.

Beginning of the Turgay River.

It begins at the confluence of the Zhaldam and Karatorgay rivers in the Kostanai region and flows less than 8 km from Lake Karakol in the Aktobe region.

Hydrology Turgay River.

The valley is wide from the source to the village of Turgay, the width is 40-60 km, the banks are flat, the floodplain is flat, several trunks are 10-60 m wide, the depth is 2-6 m. The channel is 45-100 m wide, the river valley is from Torgai to its lower mouth (width - 5-10 km) in the area of Tosinsky sand, the floodplain gradually narrows to 0.5-1.5 km, and the channel to 40 m.

Branches on the Turgay River.

Main industries: Irgiz, Sarytorgay, Kaindy, Ulkeek, Karatorgay, Jaldam. It is full of rain and water.

Information Turgay River.

The average annual water consumption in Tosin sand is 10.6 m3 per second. The presence of the tributaries of the Turgay River and its abundance, as well as the abundance of water in many deep streams are favorable for the development of livestock and fishing. River floodplain meadows, livestock pastures. Recently, river water in the Turgai region has been used for industrial purposes, for irrigation.

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