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Aulie mountains and tract in Karaganda region, Kazakhstan.

Ecological tourism in Kyzylarai mountauns.

Aulie tract is located in the Karaganda region, Aktogai region, the Kyzylarai mountain range. In the same place is the village of Shabanbai bi from it to the tract Auliye 7 km. The Auliye tract is also located in the Shetsky district, too. The Aulie Mountains stretch for about 80 kilometers. The tracts of Kyzylarai and Aulie are one and the same place, there is also almost everything in one place, this is the northern part of the mountains called Myrzykozha, which thus form part of the Kyzylarai massif.

Aulie tract Karaganda region information.

The Aulie tract is famous for its Aulie cave and thus attracts many tourists to its surroundings. The local area is very unusual and fascinating. Unusual cliffs attract people with their views and local places are sacred with energy. Mount Auliye rises here, and its height is 1278 meters, here also begins a small and very beautiful river, Karatal which is part of and a tributary of the Tokrau River.

How to visit Aulie tract in Karaganda region.

Not far from Mount Aulie at a distance of 5 kilometers is Mount Aksorkan, the highest in the area and the highest point in central Kazakhstan. Also in this area are the mountains of Kenbuyrat. The Auliye tract is very beautiful; all the places listed above are also very beautiful and unusual. All places are very popular and are places of mass tourism of the Karaganda region.


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