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Ubagan river in Kostanay region, Kazakhstan.

Travel by the rivers of Kazakhstan.

Ubagan river in the Tobol basin.

The beginning of the Ubagan River.

It begins at the small freshwater lake Koktal (near the village of Koybagar) and flows into Tobol on the territory of the Russian Federation, 10 km from the village of Zverinogolovskoye.

Geographical location Ubagan River.

It flows through Auliekol, Karasu, Altynsarinsky, Uzunkolsky districts of Kostanay region.

Hydrology Ubagan River.

Length 376 km, catchment area 27 300 km2. 2.5 - 3 km in the upper reaches of the valley, 3 - 8 km in the middle, 7 - 7.5 km in the estuary. The channel is bad (2 - 4 m). Sparrow flows from his side. The largest branch is Kunduz. There are Kushmurun, Taldy, Alakol, Tengiz, Karakamys and others in the valley. There are lakes. It is replenished with groundwater and rainfall. The average annual water flow at the mouth (near the village of Aksuat) is 140 m3 / s. The water is fresh from above and hard from below. Flood meadows.

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