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Uil steppe river in Kazakhstan.

Ecological tourism by the rivers of Kazakhstan.

The river Uil flows through the Aktobe, Atyrau and West Kazakhstan regions.

The beginning of the river Uil.

Uil river begins 50 km northwest of the Kandyagash railway station in the Aktobe region, is divided into several branches in Taysoigan sands (Atyrau region) and stretches near the Karakol settlement between the Zhaltyrkol and Aktobe lakes in the Caspian basin (previously flowing into the Ural River).

Hydrology RiverUil.

The length is 800 km, the catchment area is 31 thousand km2. The valley in the upper and middle parts of the river is cut by deep ravines, the lower part flows through the spinal plain. The width of the main channel is 20–40 m. It is replenished with groundwater and sediments. In spring, the level of the river rises with snow, and mineralization decreases. In summer, salinity increases as it is divided into shores. The average annual water discharge in the area of the village of Miyaly is 10.8 m, 8 / s. The largest branches are Achoyle, Kenjaly, Kaindy, Kiil. Flooding - hayfields in the farms of Aktobe and Atyrau regions. Crops and livestock are irrigated with water. Along the Miyaly river, Oyyl and other settlements are located. During floods in March-May, the water level rises to 10 m and above.

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