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Aksoran mountain in Kizilarai, Central Kazakhstan.

Hiking to Aksoran mountain.

Aksoran is a mountain in the southern part of the Kyzylarai massif, the highest point of Saryarka.

Aksoran Mountain - Geographical location.

It is located in the Aktogay district of the Karaganda region, 12 km east of the village of Chilim. Height 1565 m, width 7 km.

Aksoran Mountain - Geological structure.

It consists of Perm granites, Lower Perm and Middle Carmen rocks.

Aksoran Mountain - Landscape.

It consists of a low mountain with a slope to the north. Here the Karatal, Zinishke and Saryolen rivers begin.

Aksoran Mountain - Flora.

Pine forest on the slopes, birch, aspen, willow, juniper, carob tree on the brown soil of littoral valleys; A variety of grassy meadows of different species grow in the lowlands.


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