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Irtysh river in Kazakhstan and Russia.

Rafting Irtysh river.

Irtysh is a river in the Arctic Ocean basin, the left tributary of the Ob. It flows through Kazakhstan through the East Kazakhstan and Pavlodar regions. The total length is 4248 km, of which 1698 km in Kazakhstan. The catchment area is 1643 thousand km2.

Start of Irtysh river.

The source of the Altai mountains is Besbogda (China (Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Okrug, Altai Territory)). Part of the lake Zaysan is called the Black Irtysh, and the lower part of the lake is called the White Irtysh or Irtysh.

Hydrology Irtysh river.

The canal is replenished at the source, mainly with snow and ice, and in the middle and lower reaches - with snow, rain and groundwater. The basin covers the southwest of the Altai Mountains, the northwest slope of Tarbagatai, the northeast of Saryarka, the West Siberian Plain and the foothills of the Eastern Urals in Russia.
On the Kazakh land, the Irtysh River is collected from the Katyn, Kalba, Naryn, Tarbagatai, Sauyr and Kulinda steppes. Deep gorges formed in many places. In this case, the coast reaches a height of 500 m. In the Kulindinskaya steppe, the riverbed widens and floodplains appear. The mountain valley (up to 250 m) is covered with coniferous forests, the right side is mainly pine meadows, the channel width is 100-150 m, 6-8 km near Omsk, 25-30 km near the village of Tobola.
There is shipping along the Irtysh (about 3600 km). Main ports: Ust-Kamenogorsk, Semey, Pavlodar, Omsk, Tobol, Khanty-Mansiysk. In 1953, the Ust-Kamenogorsk hydroelectric station was built on the Irtysh. The construction of the third stage of the dam of the Shulba hydroelectric station in the Irtysh cascade has begun. The development of hydropower resources of the Irtysh basin will cost 30 billion tenge per year. can provide up to kWh of electricity. Irtysh water is used to supply the Irtysh-Karaganda canal (75 m3 / s water) for water supply and irrigation in Central Kazakhstan. Irtysh catfish, sturgeon, pike, perch, perch, etc. rich in fish. Oysters of carp, soles, pike and Baikal are localized.

Industries Irtysh river.

The main industries in the Kazakhstani part
Great Antelope

Industries in Russia Irtysh river.


The Bukhtarma, Ust-Kamenogorsk and Shulbinsk dams were built along the river to regulate annual flow and generate electricity. The Irtysh-Karaganda Canal was built to develop natural resources in the Saryar region. It has great transport significance, up to 3784 km from the estuary.

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