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Keles river in Turkestan district, Kazakhstan.

Rafting Keles river.

Keles is a river in the Syr Darya basin.

Geographical position of the river Keles.

It flows through the Kazygurt and Saryagash regions of the Turkestan Territory. Length 241 km, catchment area 3310 km2.

Beginning of the Keles River.

It starts from the western slope of the Karzhantau ridge and Mount Kazygurt and flows into the Shardara dam.

The course of the river Keles.

The river flows southwest of its source and is south of the village of Karatas.

Hydrology Keles River.

The ascending channel is narrow and steep, the descending channel is wide. The largest branches are Kokparsay, Karzhansay, Uyalysay, Aschikarabausai and others. The water is fresh. It is replenished with snow and groundwater. The average long-term water discharge in the area of Kapylanbek village is about 5.9 m3 / s. River water is used to irrigate gardens and crops.

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