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Kaluton in Akmola region, Kazakhstan.

Rafting kaluton river.

Kaluton River in the Ishim Valley.

Geographical position Kaluton river.

It flows through the Shortandinsky district, Akkolsky, Bulandsky, Sandiktausky and Astrakhan districts of the Akmola region. The length is 223 km, the catchment area is 17.4 thousand km2.

Beginning of the Kaluton River.

It originates in a lake near the village of Novorybinka in the Akkol district and flows directly into the Ishim River, below the village of Kalkutan.

Information Caluton River.

The left bank of the river is a slightly hilly lake-alluvial plain; the right bank of the river is cut by ravines. The catchment area is carbonate chernozem, and salt marshes are solonchak chernozems. Steppe plants grow here. In the floodplain of the river there are various meadow herbs mixed with shrubs. Right-bank slopes are covered with birch bushes and shrubs. In the upper reaches there is a small pine forest. 1/3 of the area is torn.

Hydrology Kaluton River.

The width of the valley is 0.2-0.8 km. In the middle it reaches 0.6 - 0.8 km. The canal to Lake Shortankol dries out during the summer months. Depth of view is 0.5-0.8 m, width is 12-35 m. The depth of running water is 1 - 2.5 m. It is replenished with snow and groundwater. Water freezes in the second half of November (about 140-160 days) and melts in the second decade of April. The mineral water content in the lower reaches of the spring is 300-400 mg / kg, hardness 2.5-4.0 mg / equiv (soft and moderate hardness). In summer, the mineral content reaches 800 mg / kg, and the hardness is high for 6-7 days. Water is used for drinking, livestock and domestic purposes. The total capacity of Kalkutan is 18.8 million. 5 dams with a total capacity of 27.5 million. 209 ponds with a capacity of m3 were built.

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