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Narym river in East Kazakhstan river.

Rafting Narym river.

Narym is a river in the East Kazakhstan region of Kazakhstan. The Irtysh tributary originates at the junction of the Narymsky and Sarymsakty ridges from the wetland formed from the flow of streams. Due to the low head and flat clay-sandy channel, the valley sometimes reaches more than 20 km in width, in some places it narrows to 25–250 m, the width of the river bed is 15–25 m, and the depth is from 0.5 to 2.5 m. Along the river passes highway.

Information Narym river.

Settlements on the river: Zhuldyz, Novoberezovka, Maimyr, at the mouth - the village of Bolshenarymskoye. Until 1960, the Narym River flowed directly into the Irtysh River, at the mouth of the Narym River was the village of Ust-Narym. Since 1960, with the formation of the Bukhtarma reservoir and the flooding of several settlements, the Narym river flows into the Bukhtarma reservoir, at the mouth of the river is the village of Bolshenarymskoye.

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