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Sarysu river in Karaganda region, Kazakhstan.

Rafting Sarysu river.

Sarysu is a river in the Telekola basin.

Geographical position Sarysu river.

It flows through the Karaganda and Kyzylorda regions. The length is 800 km. The catchment area is 81.6-99.1 thousand km2.

Start Sarysu river.

The Sarysu River, originating at the foot of the Bugyly mountains in Saryarka and flowing from the confluence of the Zhaman Sarysu rivers at the Bainazarsky and Zhaksa Tagyly mountains, flows into Lake Telekol in the Syr Darya region.

Hydrology Sarysu river.

In dry years, it sinks into the sand before it reaches the Telikol-Ashchikol Depression. Inflows: Zhaman Sarysu, Zhaksy Sarysu, Atasu, Taldisay, Kurmanaka, Taldymanaka, Kumdiespe, Karakengir. The average annual flow rate of whey water is 7.5 m3 / s, 0.10 m3 / s at the mouth. The flow velocity is 0.6 - 0.8 m / s. It is mainly replenished with snow, so 96.6% of the annual flow of water falls on April-May, 3.1% in the fall and 0.3% in the winter. The water is fresh, medium and weak and there is salinity in the streams. The river freezes in December and freezes at the end of March. The width of the channel expands to 15-20 m at the beginning, 40-60 m in the middle and 150-200 m at the mouth; The valley is narrow at the top. Consumption increases to 10 km. The bottom and coast of the ancient channel consist of sandy and sandy-gravel sedimentary rocks. There is a desert landscape with wormwood, fescue and sedge on light brown soil, a desert landscape prevails at the mouth of the river. Part of the spring Syrdarya water is connected to the mouth of the Sarysu River through the Telekol canal.

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