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Syntasty river in Kazakhstan.

Rafting Syntasty river.

Syntasty river, (Zhelkuar) - a river in the Tobol basin. Length - 152 km. Catchment area 5,100 km2

The beginning of the Syntasty river.

It begins in 3 small rivers in the Chelyabinsk region of Russia and flows into the Tobol river under the name Zhelkuar near the village of Shekubay in the Zhitikarsky district of the Kostanay region.

Hydrology of Syntasty river.

The valley is 3-5 km, the floodplain is 250-300 meters, the width of the channel is 15-40, in some places 120-200 meters. Precipitation is partially replenished with water. The flow of water does not stop even in the hot summer months, because the lower reaches are flooded. Water is used for fresh, drinking water, livestock and garden irrigation. A Zhelkuar Dam with a capacity of 7.86 million M3 was built on the river.

Data from Syntasty river Water Register.

According to the State Water Register of Russia, it belongs to the Irtysh watershed, the irrigated part of the river runs from the source of the Tobol River to the confluence of the Ui River, with the exception of the Uvelka River. The river branch is Tobol, the river basin is the Irtysh.

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