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Terisakkan river in Karaganda region, Kazakhstan.

Rafting Terisakkan river.

Terisakkan is a river in the Ishim Valley.

Geographical location Terisakkan river.

It flows through the Akmola, Karaganda and Kostanai regions.

The beginning of the Terisakkan river.

It originates from sources at the foot of Bakanshainshak Mountain in Ulytau and flows into the Ishim River, near the village of Koksay.

Hydrology Terisakkan river.

Length 334 km, catchment area 19 500 km2. The width of the valley is 3-5 km in the upper part, in the lower reaches it is wide and even, the floodplain is bilateral, in the upper part the channel is steep. The water is fresh and slightly hard - suitable for drinking water. The average annual water consumption in the village of Baltaly is 8.97 m3 per second. At the mouth there is a large pond from the soil, the water in the pond is fresh, in summer it is used for irrigation of meadows, for the needs of settlements. In the upper and middle reaches of the river there are pastures and hayfields.

Branches Terisakkan river.

25 small rivers and streams with a total length of 109 km flow into Terisakkan. The main branches are Maybulak, Sholaksay, Talsai, Bosagaozek, Bala Terisakkan, Achyly, Shabdar, Kokpekty, Kairakty.

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