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Shunak crater in Karaganda region, Kazakhstan.

Adventure travel to the Shunak Crater.

Shunak meteorite crater is located in the Karaganda region near the mountain, which is also called Shunak. The height of Shunak Mountain is 1150 meters, the crater is located about 11 kilometers from this location. Shunak Crater can be found in the mountains of the Northern Balkhash region, it is hiding among the peaks and gorges, and its researchers and geologists gathered here from all over the Soviet Union and the whole world.

Shunak Crater tourist information.

Researchers believe that the crater formed 12 million years ago as a result of a meteorite fall. The width of the crater is approximately 3.2 kilometers, a depth of 410 meters. The peculiarity of the crater is that the crater crosses the fault along its entire depth and length. Also about 9 kilometers from the main crater is the Western Shunak Crater.

How to get to Shunak crater in Karaganda region.

Part of the western crater was washed away by the river, which also flowed in the area some time ago. Researchers and scientists suggest that craters were formed as a result of a meteorite falling onto our earth, which broke up in the atmosphere upon approaching the earth into two parts.

Shunak crater.


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