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Karasu Wild Stones in karaganda region, Kazakhstan.

Travel to Karasu Wild Stones.

Not far from the village of Karasu in the Karaganda region (Aktogai region) is an unusual and very exotic place called Wild Stones of Karasu. Karasu stones are located not far from the road (Aksu-Ayuly highway, on the road to the city of Balkhash, near the village of Sary-Terek).

Karasu Wild Stones information.

This unusual about a very beautiful group of stones is located 4 kilometers from the village of Karasu. One gets the impression that in ancient times there may have been ancient structures that eventually disappeared and only Wild Stones of Karasu remained from them. It also seems that there was once an ancient settlement.

How to get Karasu Wild Stones.

The stones consist of quartzite sandstone, a fairly strong rock, and they formed in the Paleogene period about 40 million years ago. According to the assumptions of the sunken, there was once a sea during the retreat of which the Wild Stones of Karasu were formed.


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