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Ulytau mountains in Karaganda region, Kazakhstan.

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Ulytau - an array of low mountains in the south-west of the Kazakh small hills. It is composed mainly of granites. The slopes are dissected by gorges of temporarily operating watercourses, goals and rocks. On the slopes there are pine forests and steppes, birch chippings in humid depressions in places, steppe cereals, wormwood, ephedra in crevices of rocks; on scree - shrubs. Ulytau is one of the oldest Saryarka mountain ranges. Stretched from north to south for 200 km. Its highest point is Akmeshit peak (1131 m).
Ulytau is called the "country of lakes and springs." The healing properties of Ulytau mountain spring water were known far beyond the borders of this region.

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In the XVII-XVIII centuries, the mountains of Argynaty (Ulytau) were considered the center of the entire Kazakh steppe. In 1730, about 40 thousand armed militiamen from all three zhuzes gathered here. Then, on behalf of the Khan’s clan, the general command of the troops was entrusted to Abulkhair, and Bogenbai Batyr directly supervised the military operations.
The majestic mounds, necropolises, mausoleums of the Begaz-Dandybaev culture, cave paintings, petroglyphs, mines, metallurgical furnaces in which copper, tin, silver, gold and other ancient monuments found and studied by scientists were smelted indicate that Ulytau from ancient times was the center of Saryarka and the entire steppe.

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The greatness of these ancient mountains lies in the significance of the events of the national history of Kazakhstan. Ulytau was a favorite place of khans of nomadic tribes. The headquarters of Khan Juchi, the eldest son of Genghis Khan, was stationed here, from which Batu Khan began his aggressive campaign to the west. In Ulytau, the mausoleums of Khan Dzhuchi and Alash Khan were erected. To the north of the Dzhuchi mausoleum, 610 meters from the river, are the remains of a triangular earthen embankment of ritual purpose, built by order of Genghis Khan for the burial of Jochi. Side of the verge of a triangular prayer castle is 118 meters. The coordinates of the triangular settlement 48.161209, 67.818292 (Pavlovsky A. 12.1.2016). Here, in the mountains, the khan of the Golden Horde Tokhtamysh, the Horde commander Emir Edyge, is buried. On the stone slab of the Ulytau mountain, Altyn Shoki left the memory of his stay in the spring of 1391 the great Tamerlan.

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The monuments that Ulytau keeps in itself date back to the Paleolithic and Neolithic eras. On the territory of the district there are about 636 monuments, 282 of which are listed in the historical and cultural map of the fund of the Ulytau Museum. On the territory of Ulytau, according to botanical and geographical studies, 617 plant species were identified, of which 90 medicinal species.