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Greigi Tulip

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Tulip Greigii (Tulipa Greigii) is one of the most beautiful and rare tulips, an incredibly beautiful flower, endemic, grows only on the territory of Kazakhstan, belongs to the Liliaceae family. The tulip is listed in the Red Book of the Republic of Kazakhstan, it is forbidden to pick a flower, the flower is under the protection of the republic. The tulip was described by the researcher botanist E.L. Regel in the Karatau mountains, the flower is named after Samuel Alekseevich Greig, president of the Russian Society of Gardeners in the city of St. Petersburg.

How to find, see -

Tulip Greiga grows on the territory of Kazakhstan, in its northern deserts, Kyzylorda region, Zhambyl region, Turkestan region, Aksu-Zhabagly reserve, Tien Shan mountains.

Information -

The flowering of the Greig tulip begins in April, in some cases it begins in March and lasts until May. Tulip Greigi is found in the Western Tien Shan in the Kyrgyz Alatau, in the Karatau mountains and in semi-desert shrubs at altitudes from 500 to 2400 meters above sea level. Tulip Greig is used as an ornamental plant in rock gardens. There are many hybrids of Greig's tulip, which can be recognized by their purple-spotted leaves. In the Aksu-Zhabagly reserve, you can observe the flowering of the Greig tulip, there are places where up to 58 flowers can grow on one square meter, which makes the observation of this species an unforgettable adventure. People, when they see such glades of flowers, say that they are in a fairy tale. Tulip Greyga is listed in the Red Book of Kazakhstan; for picking a flower, you can get up to 3 years in prison or a large fine. Take care of the nature of Kazakhstan.

Tulip Greiga in Zhambyl region


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