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Bema tulips in Kazakhstan.

Photo tour of Bem's tulips.

Bema tulip grows near the city of Kapshagai in the Almaty region, Kazakhstan. Also, Bema tulip can be found in the region of Lake Balkhash in the Karaganda region, Kazakhstan.

Description of Tulip Bema.

The Bema tulip has an elongated shape, the stalk is strong, the height is about 30-40 centimeters. The inflorescence is yellow, sometimes dark red, but very rare. Bem Tulip propagated seed, also vegetative.

When the Tulip Bema blooms.

The Bema tulip blooms in early April and until the end of May. The flowering period is short, so if you want to see the Bem Tulip you need to plan this in advance and with knowledgeable people like us and our company.

Bem's tulip where it grows, spread.

Balkhash-Alakol basin and the eastern part of the Betpakdala desert (Almaty and eastern part of the Zhambyl region). Endemic look.

Guarding Tulip Bem in Kazakhstan.

Part of the Tulip Bem growing area is located within the Altyn-Emel National Park, which is a protected area.