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Bem 's Tulip

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Bem's tulip (Tulipa Behmiana) is an incredibly beautiful yellow tulip that grows on the territory of Kazakhstan, belongs to the lily family, described by Doctor of Philosophy and botanist Eduard Ludvigovich Regel. The height of the flower is 10-40 centimeters, the flower is yellow, yellow main color and red small spots are often found, which gives the flower an incredibly beautiful red hue.

How to see, find -

Kazakhstan is considered to be the birthplace of the Bem tulip, it is found in a desert area, loves bright sun and open rocky places, for example in the Betpakdala desert. The tulip also grows in the Almaty region near the city of Kunaev (Kapchagai) and the Kapchagai reservoir. The tulip blooms from April to the end of May.

Information, description

The Bem tulip is listed in the Red Book of Kazakhstan, the flower is under the protection of the republic. It is forbidden to pluck a flower, in Kazakhstan there is a criminal penalty for this. The flower does not really like the wind, so it is found in open warm places where there is no wind. A tulip can also be seen and observed blooming in the Altyn-Emel Nature Reserve Park

Bem's tulip in Kazakhstan and Altyn-Emel Nature Reserve


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