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Tulip Kolpakovsky

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Tulip Kolpakovsky (Tulipa Kolpakowskiana) - a family of lilies, an incredibly beautiful yellow tulip, grows only on the territory of Kazakhstan. The flower was described by Eduard Regel in 1877. This type of tulip was named after Gerasim Kolpakovsky, a member of the Russian Geographical Society.

How to see, find -

Kolpakovsky's tulip grows on the territory of Kazakhstan, the eastern part of the Dzungarian Alatau, the Zailiysky Alatau, the Chu-Ili mountains, the Kirghiz Range, the Kordai Pass, (Almaty and Zhambyl regions). Flowering from mid-April to late May, fruiting in June-July.

Description, information -

Tulip Kolpakovsky has a yellow inflorescence, the height of the stem is 10-20 centimeters, seed and vegetative reproduction. The tulip is very beautiful, blooms in large groups, which gives an unforgettable impression after seeing large fields with this flower. The tulip is listed in the Red Book of Kazakhstan, the flower is under protection, there is a criminal article for picking the flower. Our company organizes botanical tours for this type of tulip in Kazakhstan, observation, photography.

Tulip Kolpakovsky in Kazakhstan


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