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Buze Tulips in Almaty region, Kazakhstan.

How to see Buze tulips in Kazakhstan.

The Buze Tulip was described by Edmond Boissier in 1859. The Buzet tulip grows near Lake Balkhash (Balkhash) and in the Dzungarian Alatau (Dzungaria).

Tulip Buze description.

Tulip Buze is very beautiful, white with yellow on the sides on the color petals. The height of the flower is approximately 15-40 centimeters. The stalk is naked, the petals are widely spaced. Reproduction of Tulip Bose seed.

Flowering time and place of growth Tulip Buze.

Tulip Buze blooms in late May and early June. It grows in deserts and semi-deserts of Kazakhstan, Aral Sea, Balkhash, Alakol depression, Aktobe region, Kyzylorda region, Zhambyl region, Almaty region.

Guarding Tulip Buze in Kazakhstan.

Tulip Buze grows in the reserve Barca Kelmes, and in the park Altyn Emel.