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Tulip Buze

Observation of the blooming of the tulip Buze in Kazakhstan -

Plant nature of Kazakhstan -

Tulip Buze (Tulipa Buhseana) is a beautiful tulip that grows wild only on the territory of Kazakhstan. The flower is small, you can say small, white in color and yellow in the core, has six petals. Tulip Bouze was described by Edmond Boissier in 1859. The tulip grows on sandy soils, loves warm stones, so where there are a lot of stones there is a chance to see this type of tulip.

How to see, find -

The Buze tulip grows near Lake Balkhash (Balkhash region) and in the Dzungarian Alatau (Dzungaria), Almaty region, Zhambyl region, Kyzylorda region, the Aral Sea region, the Barsa-Kelmes Nature Reserve, the Altyn-Emel National Nature Park. Blooms at the end of March - April, bears fruit at the end of May – June.

Information, description -

Tulip Buze loves the sandy clay deserts of Kazakhstan. The height of the flower is different, from 10 cm to 40 cm. Blooms in large groups, and also occurs in single flowers. The Buze tulip is under the protection of the Republic of Kazakhstan, it is listed in the Red Book of Kazakhstan, it is forbidden to pluck the flower by law, take care of nature.

Tulip Buze in Kazakhstan


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