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Leman tulip in jambyl region, Kazakhstan.

Excursion for Leman tulips in the Zhambyl region.

Leman's tulip was named after Alexander Leman of the Russian botanist who in 1840-1842 conducted plant research in Central Asia.

Leman Tulip Description.

The height of the flower is approximately 50 centimeters, the number of petals is 4, the height of the flower is 7 centimeters, the color is red-yellow, colorful, with a black-brown spot inside the flower.

When the Leman Tulip blooms.

Leman tulip blooms in April, bears fruit in May, June.

Lehman Tulip is a habitat.

Leman tulip is found in Kazakhstan, Kyzylkum desert, Moyunkum desert, Betpakdala desert, Zhambyl region.

Leman Tulip general information.

Leman tulip is very beautiful, Lehman tulip is listed in the Red Book of Kazakhstan. Leman tulip grows in the protected area of the Kyzylkum reserve.