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Tulip Leman

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Tulip Leman (Tulipa Lehmanniana) - the most beautiful tulip, endemic, grows only on the territory of Kazakhstan. The flower was described by the famous botanist and researcher K.E. Merklin, the flower was named after Alexander Leman, a Russian botanist. The tulip is incredibly beautiful, the height of the flower is up to 40 centimeters.

How to see see -

Tulip Leman grows wild on the territory of Kazakhstan, in the Kyzylkum desert, in the Moyunkum desert, the Betpakdala desert and in the Zhambyl region. Blossoms in April, bears fruit in late May - June. It grows on sands and outcrops of variegated rocks, in sandy and rocky deserts.

Information, description -

Tulip Leman, stem up to 50 cm tall, with 4 bluish curly narrow leaves. The flower is elongated-cup-shaped, up to 7 cm tall, yellow, red or variegated, with a black-brown spot on the inside. Filaments of stamens are yellow or black-violet in the upper part, anthers are yellow. The fruit is an oval capsule up to 3 cm long and 1.5 cm wide. Reproduction is seed and vegetative (especially in the juvenile state). Tulip Leman is in the Red Book of Kazakhstan is under the protection of the republic, the disruption of a tulip is prohibited by law, there is a criminal punishment for the disruption of a flower.

Tulip Leman in Kazakhstan


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