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Lemmers tulips in Mashat canyon, Kazakhstan.

Photo tour of Lemmers Tulips in Mashat Canyon.

Lemmers tulip itself is not tall, but very beautiful. Lemmers Tulip grows in only one place, this is Mashat Canyon, South Kazakhstan, Aksu Dzhabaglinsky Reserve.

Flowering time Tulip Lemmers.

Lemmers tulip blooms in late May and early June. It is part of the endemic group and grows only in Kazakhstan.

Description Tulip Lemmers.

Bulb 2-3 cm in diameter. The stalk is bare, not tall, the height of the flower is about 7 cm. The inner flower is yellow, there is also a reddish color outside the flower. Often there are red-yellow flowers, very beautiful, blooming in large groups from which in the places of flowering Lemmers Tulip you are like in a fairy tale.