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Tulip Ostrovsky

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Tulip of Otsrovskiy (Tulipa Ostrowskiana) is a red-yellow incredibly beautiful tulip that grows only on the territory of Kazakhstan, the flower was described by the famous botanist and researcher Eduard Regel back in 1884. The flower appears as a graceful elongated form of the stem, and the most beautiful inflorescence, different colors from bright red to bright yellow, and a combined red-yellow color.

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Ostrovsky's tulip grows wild only on the territory of Kazakhstan (endemic), in the mountains of the Trans-Ili Alatau, in the expanses of the Almaty region and in the Zhambyl region. Blossoms from late April to late May, bears fruit in June - July.

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Tulip Ostrovsky has a height of up to 40 cm, the bulb is ovoid, up to 2 - 3 cm in diameter, with black, hard-leather scales, the stem is bare, drooping in the bud. Leaves (3, sometimes 2), contiguous, gray-gray, lanceolate, wavy along the edge. Reproduction is seed, very rarely vegetative. It lives mainly on slopes with deep nutrient soil in the lower and middle belts of mountains. Tulip Ostrovsky is listed in the Red Book. Partially protected on the territory of the Almaty Reserve. Populations of this species in the vicinity of Almaty suffered greatly due to the development of counters and mountain slopes for summer cottage construction.

Tulip Ostrovsky in Kazakhstan


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