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Berkarinsky tulip, Kaufman's tulip

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Tulip Kaufman, wild tulips of Kazakhstan -

Berkarinsky Tulip is also known as Kaufman's tulip, this flower was described by Regel E.L. The Berkarinsky Tulip was studied for the first time in Uzbekistan, not far from the Cherchik River near Tashkent. Berkarinsky tulip was named after Kaufman. At one time, Kaufman was the governor general of the Turkestan region in Kazakhstan. The tulip grows in the Berkara gorge in the Zhambyl region, its flowering can be observed in spring.

Description -

The tulip is very pretty. The height of the flower is from 15 to 45 centimeters. The color of the tulip is white, cream, bright yellow, sometimes orange, burgundy. There is a characteristic stripe that separates the color on the flower itself.

Places of growth and flowering time -

The tulip loves to grow in the shade, in meadow areas, it also grows in open areas, grows in thickets in tall grass. There is Berkarinsky Tulip in Kazakhstan, Karatau mountains, Tien Shan, Zhambyl region and South Kazakhstan region. The flowering time of Tulip Kaufman (Berkarinsky) is from late March to early July. Berkarinsky Tulip is listed in the Red Book of Kazakhstan. It grows in the protected area of the Aksu Dzhabagly nature reserve. You can not pick wild tulips, for this you can get a big fine. Protect the environment.

Tulip Kaufman, Berkarinsky tulip -


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